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Town of Placentia

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Placentia (called Plaisance by the French) is a community on the east side of Placentia Bay and west side of the Avalon Peninsula in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.  It has a great history of occupation going back to the 1500s. There are reports of early visits from the Basque, Portuguese, Spanish, Aboriginals and others. Besides being a onetime capital (1662 to 1713) for the French in Newfoundland, it also has an interesting history associated with the English and Irish and, in more recent times, the Americans. There are a number of locations of old forts, one of which has been developed as the Castle Hill National Historic Site.

When we talk about Placentia or Plaisance, in history, we are frequently referring to a larger area that probably included Point Verde, Townside, Jerseyside, Ferndale, Freshwater, Argentia (Little Placentia), Southeast, Bond’s Path and Dunville (Northeast Arm). With the exception of Point Verde, these were all amalgamated into the Town of Placentia in 1994. (Population just under 4,000 in 2011)

Today Placentia is a modern community with paved roads and some sidewalks, a new school, churches, postal services, RCMP, fire department, shopping mall and other business including banks, service stations, liquor store, furniture stores, restaurants, hotels, RV park and camping grounds, art studios, used car dealership, and more. It also has a unique lift bridge and a unique river that flows in two directions because of tidal action.

Placentia is blessed with tourism attractions within the community and nearby.  There is Castle Hill, archaeological digs, old buildings, Placentia Bay Cultural Arts Centre, graveyards, museum, former U.S. Military base and others within the municipality.  Nearby are such attractions as the Atlantic Charter monument, Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve (bird sanctuary) and other nature attractions near Colinet.

Placentia, which is about an hour and a half from St. John's, can be reached by the Trans Canada highway all year and by the East Coast Ferry in Argentia during the summer months.

See a video of the area here. Placentia Tourism Video

For more history:

For More Information, Contact:

Town of Placentia

P.O. Box 99, Placentia, NL A0B 2Y0
(709) 227-2151 · fax (709) 227-2323

Roger Judge wrote on March 03, 2015: Originally from Point Verde - went to St. Edward's High School. Enjoyed the site! A question I liked answered. In the 1994 amalgamation, how come Point Verde didn't become a part of the "new" Town. Have you got any stories about the American sub-base at Point Verde. I was only nine or ten, but I remember the movies that they showed there each Sunday. This was put on by the USO - an organization formed to provide entertainment to the American troops. They also entertained the local kids, as we were all invited. I remember some kids came from Placentia. Keep up the good work. Really enjoyed it.

mike walsh wrote on July 09, 2012: i should have said 100 thumbs up. you can tell that you enjoy your what you are doing and leaving something for the for the young people of the town

mike walsh wrote on July 09, 2012: tom you have done an amazing job and it brings back so many memories please keep up the good work ten thumbs up

anita murray wrote on January 14, 2012: i love the town of placentia Tom and good job on the pictures

Tom O'Keefe wrote on January 13, 2012: Thanks folks. I am still adding a few pictures. However after this weekend this site will be down for a couple of months as the organizers turn it into more permanent site. Meanwhile if you go now to you will see more attractions for Placentia at the icon by Argentia. After you open one, if you hve trouble seperating them go to the lower right of the page and click on NEARBY and you will see a list. Don't forget to give Thumps Up for the ones you like.

FelixCollins wrote on January 12, 2012: Awesome pictures, Tom. For history and picture, you can't beat the place. The pictures reflect the beauty of the town and its people. Placentia will always be special!!

Roslyn (Greene) Anderson wrote on January 12, 2012: I love that old Town of Pacentia. Missed it all my life. Dream of it always. Love the view from Castle Hill. It is still a big part of my life. Love it ! Love It!

Capt. Sabino Laucirica (Plentzia) wrote on January 11, 2012: Many thanks, Tom for your interest in the links between your Placentia and mine in the Basque Country (Spain)

steve gosse wrote on January 10, 2012: only spent 3 years there while in school but i loved everyminute of it.... get homesick but have health issues right now

Larry Carroll wrote on January 10, 2012: Great pics and they bring back some great memories of growing up in a place that was so alive and vibrant when I was a teenager...Gods country for sure!,,,,

Tim Careen wrote on January 10, 2012: There is no better place,than "OUR" town of Placentia.Awesome pictures thanks.

Edward Traverse wrote on January 10, 2012: Tom I think you done a great job, maybe you could add the different trails systems that we have, like board walk, First beech, and Argentia trails.


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Latitude: 47.241249600
Longitude: -53.961753800
Elevation: 172 FT (52 M)
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